Esteem Banking is the private banking division of the People’s Own Savings Bank whis is dedicated to serving distinguished and affluent clients. The hallmark of Esteem Banking is personalized service and individual attention to all clients who are served by a team of professional Account Relationship Officers (AROs), dedicated to understanding client needs and providing them with the most suitable solutions. This is complemented by a comprehensive package of products and services with a host of valuable benefits available exclusively to Banking clients. Eligibility for Esteem Banking is strictly by invitation.

Individual Account

Enables clients to meet their daily transactional needs including deposits, withdrawals, payments and transfers among other transactions.

  • Access to digital banking on the go with Cellbank, ‘On the Go’ app and Onilne Banking
  • Account holders are issued with a ZimSwitch enabled debit card
  • Individual Transactional Accounts
Chip and PIN Debit Cards

Esteem Banking has introduced new Chip and PIN debit cards for individuals. These cards are personalised with the account holder’s name, offer heightened transaction security and are now available at all Esteem Banking branches.

Follow these simple steps to get your new Chip and PIN debit card;

  • Visit your Esteem Banking branch with your Identity Document;
  • Surrender your old Magnetic stripe debit card;
  • Ensure your account is funded with at least ZWL$300.00 to cover card replacement fees.

If you wish to find out more information regarding the new Chip and PIN debit cards, kindly contact your Account Relationship Officer

Personal Loans

Available to individuals who receive their salaries through POSB.

  • Long repayment period.
  • Direct deduction from salary.
  • Higher affordability and shorter turnaround time for loan applications.
Savings Accounts

Esteem Banking savings accounts do not accrue maintenance or withdrawal charged and are designed to help clients grow their money by earning tax free interest on money set aside over a given period of time. The savings accounts include:

  • SmartSave – An ordinary savings account that allows individuals and collectives to save with the flexibility of frequent additional deposits into the account.
  • EasySave – A term deposit for a minimum period of 1 month up to 12 months with an option to roll over at maturity. The savings can be used as security for a loan up to 80% of savings amount.
  • JuniorSave – Designed for children below the age of 16 years to encourage them to start saving at an early age. Parents can start saving for children from birth and ZimSwitch enabled debit cards are available for JuniorSave account holders.
Investments Products

Esteem Banking clients have an array of high interest earning investment products to choose from. These include:

  • Certificates of Deposits
  • Banker’s Acceptances
  • Call Accounts
Corporate Account

Enables registered companies to carry out their day to day business transactions and access other banking facilities such as loans and overdrafts.

  • Access to digital banking with the Online Banking platform which has advance features particularly for corporates.
  • Corporates have an option to be issued with ZimSwitch enabled debit cards to allow ease of transacting.
Corporate Loan and Overdraft Facilities

Esteem Banking offers loans and overdrafts to companies and institutions for working capital requirements, capital expenditure and bridging temporary finance gaps.

  • Conditions are negotiable with favorable repayment terms.
SME and Agribusiness Banking

With the SME Account or Agribusiness Account, Small to Medium businesses, Sole proprietors or Agriculture based businesses are able to meet their daily transactional requirements.

  • A ZimSwitch enabled debit card can be issued to allow ease of transacting.
  • Access to digital banking with the Online Banking platform.
  • Customers can also access loan and overdraft facilities at attractive interest rates.
International Banking Services

In order to help client’s engage in import and export business, Esteem Banking provides facilitation of cross borders transactions through telegraphic transfers, letters of credit, bank drafts, documentary collections and more.

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