The Bank faced delays in the delivery of cash to the POSB Mutare branch on 26 June 2020. On the day, customers were apprised of the situation on the ground by branch management in the morning. Cash was however received at the branch late in the afternoon of the same day and maximum allowable withdrawals were immediately offered via the ATM as well as through in-branch service the next day, clearing all customers by 10am.

While the customer grievances voiced in the video are noted, the Bank firmly rejects the accompanying accusations of corruption, discrimination and acts of politicking. POSB is non-discriminatory and non-political in its approach and neither condones nor supports corrupt practices of any kind. Any corrupt tendencies may be reported in confidence to tip off anonymous on toll free numbers Telone : 0800 4100, Econet : 0808 5500, 4461, Netone : 0716 800 189, 0716 800 190 and Telecel : 0732 220 220, 0732 330 330 or Email

POSB remains a proud service provider of choice to the majority of pensioners, civil servants and citizens from outlying areas whom the Bank has diligently served over the years, even during periods where other service providers have failed to provide relevant low cost value propositions for these customer groups. The inconveniences experienced by our customers on the day are sincerely regretted and the Bank provides this assurance that measures have been put in place to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents on future pensioner pay dates.

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