Transacting on the POSB Mobile App is secure and convenient for clients to perform the following transaction sets:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini- Statement
  • Internal Transfers
  • RTGS Transfer
  • Zipit to Bank (to another bank)
  • Zipit to Cell phone (transfer to cellphone)
  • Airtime Top up
  • Bill Payments
  • Block/Unblock lost or stolen debit
  • Debit card pin change


“On the Go’ App Self-registration Conditions:

  • Self-registration is only possible for first time registrations; repeat registrants will have to visit their nearest banking hall for assistance
  • Customers will be able to register for the service after collecting debit cards, which can be collected 24 hours after account is opened
  • Customer will only be able to register using the mobile number they supplied to the bank on account opening
  • The correct account number and last four digits of debit card will need to be entered when prompted (12 digits for individual transactional accounts and 16 digits for Peoples’ Choice and Youth accounts)
  • New Instant account customers are able to self-register immediately after card activation
  • Only one mobile number can be linked to an account


The POSB ‘On the Go’ App registration process can be completed in a few simple steps;

–           Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store

–           Download the POSB ‘On the Go’ App for free

–           Install the application

–           Open the ‘On the Go’ App and

–           Select the Register and follow prompts

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