Certificate of Deposit

This is a short-term investment facility in which one can deposit money into the bank and receives certificates entitling him/her to a non-taxable fixed interest from the investment. Investment product available to individuals and businesses. 


  • Guaranteed investment returns.
  • Investment periods are flexible (30, 60, 90 days).
  • Attractive tax free interest.
  • Interest rates are negotiable.
Banker’s Acceptances

A short-term credit investment created by a company and authorized and guaranteed for payment by the Bank. It’s a short term financing option for businesses.


Call Account

This is an investment account where one can receive a competitive interest on the balance. The minimum balance required is higher compared to other transactional accounts. 


  • Investment can be used as security for a loan.
  • Secure, simple and convenient
  • Funds available on demand.
  • Interest rates are negotiable.

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