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Internet Banking

Internet banking is an effective way to manage your money where ever you may be. In order to access the POSB Internet banking platform, clients need only register as follows:

1. Fill out form at POSB branch

2. Wait to receive a confirmation email and then start transacting

The POSB Internet banking platform allows our clients to transact as follows:

• Mobile money transfers

• RTGs

• Internal transfers

• Balance enquiries

• View mini-statements

• Bill payments for ZESA, Council and TelOne

• Air-time top-up

Other Services that you might want to know

Investment Banking

The bank offers tax free highly competitive investment banking products namely call accounts, bankers’ acceptances and certificate of deposits.

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Corporate Account

The Bank offers competitive products and services which are tailor made to suit the banking requirements of both large corporates and small to medium enterprises.

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Esteem Banking

Through the private banking arm of POSB, the upmarket and more discerning clientele can enjoy the benefits of priority banking both in POSB branches and dedicated private banking branches.

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Personal Loans

POSB offers an array of affordable loan products which can be accessed by individuals. The loans can be used for various purposes by the applicant

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