How do I link my POSB account to Ecocash?


Customers can register by visiting any POSB branch with their ID and photocopy of the same and complete Ecocash registration forms.


My Ecocash account is already linked to another bank, Can I also link the same Ecocash account with my POSB account?

 Clients can link the same Ecocash account to several banks, with the limit of one account for each bank.

How do I transfer funds from my account to Ecocash?

 On your mobile phone dial * 151 #, go to option 8-Banking Services, select option 2-bank to wallet on the menu provided, enter amount you want to transfer, select bank account and then confirm to complete the transaction.

How do I register for Cellbank?

Customers are now able to initiate first time Cellbank self-registration without the need to visit a banking hall in person. This service is available for both instant accounts and individual transactional accounts. To successfully register for the service, customers will have to register for the service after collecting their debit card, and registering using the number they provided to the bank on account opening and follow the following steps:

1. Dial *223# for Econet; *222# for both Telecel and Netone and press send

2. Select option 1 and press send

3. Enter mobile number and press send

4. Enter account number and press send

5. Enter last 4 digits of card number and press send

6. Press 1 to confirm if the COITect information has been entered

7. You will receive a one-time pin SMS

8. Dial *223# for Econet; *222# for Telecel and Netone, press send, enter pin and begin transacting.

Internet Banking

How do I register for internet banking?

In order to access the POSB Internet banking platform, clients register as follows:

1. Fill out form at POSB branch

2. Wait to receive a confirmation email and then start transacting


What services can I access using internet banking?

The POSB Internet banking platform allows our clients to transact as follows:


• Internal transfers

• Balance enquiries

• View and download bank statement

• Bill payments for ZESA, Council and TelOne

• Air-time top-up

• Daily Exchange Rates

• Beneficiary Management

How do I unlock my profile after it says "log in attempts exceeded"?

Use the forgot password feature to reset password

Can I change my username?

No. Only the password can be changed at any time.

Can I stay logged into my account?

No. The system will automatically log you out if you haven’t interacted with it for 15 minutes.

POSB Mobile App

How can I get the POSB mobile app?

The POSB Mobile App registration process can be completed in 5 simple steps;

1. Register for mobile banking at POSB branch

2. Go to Google play store for Android devices or Apple App Store For IOS devices

3. Download and install the POSB Mobile App

4. Open the App, Enter mobile number, click log in and start transacting

What is the difference between mobile app and cellbank?

Cellbank can be accessed by dialing the USSD codes *223# for Econet and *222# for both Telecel and Netone. With POSB mobile app one needs to have airtime credit or data bundles because it’s an internet based application. However, the two can serve the same purpose.

Debit Cards

What should I do when my debit card is lost or stolen?

You can make use of the Hot card function on the Bank’s digital platforms as follows:.

How to Block your debit card using CellBank

  • Step 1: Dial *223# for Econet or *222# for Telecel or Netone.
  • Step 2: Enter PIN.
  • Step 3: Select Option 6 – Card Services
  • Step 4: Select card number
  • Step 5: Select Option 1 – Block card
  • Step 6: Select 1 to confirm or Cancel to cancel

You can also consider blocking your debit card using ‘On the Go’ App and following these steps.

  • Step 1: Step 1 : Go to your applications and open the POSB ‘On the Go’ App
  • Step 2: Enter pin and login
  • Step 3: Select settings
  • Step 4: Select Block Card option
  • Step 5: Select block
  • Step 6: Select Confirm to block or Cancel to cancel


How do I reset my pin after it's been blocked?

Use POSB CellBank or On the Go App to reset your PIN

How long can I wait to start transacting after replacing a lost or stolen card?

POSB issues instant debit cards which can transact as soon as the card is activated upon application.

When do I become eligible to apply for a loan top up?

You become eligible for a loan top-up after paying at least 25% of the disbursed loan amount

Can I send money outside Zimbabwe using POSB?

Clients can send money outside Zimbabwe using Western Union international out-bound service at any POSB branch.

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